Monday, December 15, 2014

Re-establishing for a New Year

Do you want to know what's frustrating?

Being a content creator in your job means that you burn a lot of creative juices doing every day things. It's your job, so it's something you're always working on, always working towards, and always pushing to the limits to grow and develop.

That's great, and I love it, and there's little in this world I would trade for my job. But it's frustrating to have so many other, primarily hobby oriented things that require those creative juices and having to constantly put them on the back burner when I run dry.

I've accomplished a lot since the last time I updated this blog. For those of you who don't know me personally, I got a job at Blizzard Entertainment as a Community Manager for Diablo III. I've done some ridiculously amazing stuff in that time, and it's still surreal to look at the launcher from time to time and see my own face staring back at me. That was the coolest feeling - being messaged and PM'd and Tweeted at by old friends who reconnected because OMFG WHY ARE YOU IN MY BNET LAUNCHER? It's been a great, though exhausting, time getting settled in, establishing my place, and figuring out where exactly the lines are drawn between work and play.

This is a constant battle I think a lot of content creators face, whether they're writers, editors, directors, artists, streamers, or whatever else might fall under that vast and varied umbrella. To that end, I want to strive in 2015 to be more productive and creative than I ever have before. However, because of that constant battle with burn out, I can't make promises on delivery. Ultimately, my health (especially mental) will always come first. Sometimes, that's going to involve wanting to be wholly unproductive because I've blown everything I've got at work.

I'm content with that. I've absolutely no shortage of creative ideas or projects that I want to tackle. Anything I do pursue is good for me; it's enrichment for not only my personal life, but for my professional life as well. I'll tackle things at my own pace, but not without a little motivation assistance here or there; maybe I'll make a post on what I've learned about time management and extracurricular motivation down the road (if only to remind myself of what I'm doing right).

That's it really; if you're new here, great. Don't expect work related stuff here. This is my playground. A place where my word dumps come to die (or be consumed by those who stumble upon it). I can explore my own interests here, create my own things, and share them at my leisure.

I wonder how many more posts like this I'll write like this in my lifetime. With any luck, this will be the last.