Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Review] Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (3DS)

So, one of the many things I'd like to do with this blog is review many of the video games that I most enjoy. I've always been a very avid and dedicated Harvest Moon fan, and I love my mobile gaming, so naturally when a new 3DS Harvest Moon game was on its way, I made sure I'd have it as soon as it was available. If you'd like to skip the in-depth review, feel free to Ctrl+F your way down to "Final Verdict" for the short synopsis.

It's been out for a while now (released November 6th, 2012 in North America), but this one takes a long time to get into, and I find most Harvest Moon games to be best enjoyed in small bursts. Harvest Moon is a bit about monotony, and trying to play through in a marathon can get mind-numbing, no matter which entry in the series you're playing. With A New Beginning (abbreviated to ANB for ease), this is even more true, as this is one of the slowest paced Harvest Moon games I have ever played.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free Time - Handling Job Elimination

I'm just now getting into a mindset to sit down and write today. It's been a long and emotional day, even if I only spent about two hours at the office.

Today, I was released from my job, as my position has been eliminated.

This is not a new experience for me. I was part of the "Blizzard 600," as some of us called it, so I'm simply grateful for the opportunity to expand my creativity and pursue greater horizons without having to make the difficult choice - leaving my job.

I have no plans to leave the gaming industry. Right now, I have the wondrous opportunity to apply to the jobs I want rather than immediately need, and I can look into pursuing independent ventures as well. The chance to weight the two against each other without willingly taking the dive on my own is really a blessing in disguise.

In the mean time, I know I'm not the only one out there who's lost their job, losing their job, or going to lose their job. Change is prevalent, and in the ever-volatile gaming industry, unfortunately it's quite frequent. This is my second experience, so I thought I'd share the mental and organizational process I go through when these things happen.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Toeing the Line

Hello friends!

If you've popped in and seen this and used to read my blog back in 2010 or earlier... Holy crap man, you probably just forgot to unsubscribe when I stopped writing. I'm deeply sorry for being gone for so long, but there were a lot of reasons I couldn't blog.