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[D&D] Kylind Campaign - A Short History

It has been a hectic few weeks, let me tell you. But you don't come here to read about my (mis)adventures in unemployment. You come here (I hope) to read interesting topics on gaming. So today, we're going back to my biggest roots and talking about D&D.

Today, I want to introduce you to a campaign I'm running for a small group of friends. Ultimately, when everything is said and done, I'd like to compile, proofread, format, and send this campaign off to a publisher. If you're interested in 3.5ED D&D and looking for a new world to explore, that's what I want this to be.

At this time, I plan to have Kylind offering a map of the region, a base adventure (crafted by me, but guided by my group of clever and hilarious friends), five new races, one new base classes, and four new prestige classes. There will also be a cluster of new items, spells, and feats for you to try out. I'd like to preview a bit of it, in hopes to generate interest, and perhaps gather some feedback on what I'm doing right and what I could do better. Enjoy a short history of the region as well as short descriptions of my races. My apologies if the reading's a bit bland - history tends to read that way.

Kylind - A Short History (Status: Incomplete)

This history is what has been provided, in bits, to my players as they've made their knowledge checks and asked appropriate questions. It will be expanded over time as they explore the region and learn more, so I'll be sure to update this in the future. Eventually, this section will have a permalink on this blog as one of my ongoing projects.

You may see some hints in italics. This is meant more for my players to use as a frame of reference. 

Terms to know: 

Kylindian Humans - the region's local breed of human, nomadic and initially barbaric. They invaded recently and have become the basis for much of the region's development. In accordance with the locals, the Kylindians inhabit the plains in the center of Kylind, adopting the land as their own, and act as the overruling monarchy. Kylindian Humans are beasts of men, tall and imposing, but what they gain in brawn, they lose in finesse.

Chrono Gnomes - the region's local breed of gnome. Curiously destructive, these gnomes have toyed with the very fabric of time and paid the price. They once inhabited verdant plains in the south, but the chronomancy meddling has destroyed their lands and they have become a barren wasteland. Chrono Gnomes are brilliant, but their sense of immediate surroundings is warped by their lineage and they often have trouble making judgement calls. They are constantly subjected to the horrors and somewhat benefits of their race, including a distorted understanding of time and lengthy lifespans. However, their age is difficult to identify as their appearance ages much more slowly than the rest of their bodies. Chrono Gnomes currently use a cabinet of three nobles to make their governmental decisions.

Riddanian Halfings - the region's local breed of halfling. These are hard working folk, devoted to farming, animal breeding, and nature in general. It is said they are so in tune with nature that nature itself favors them in return, providing bountiful crops and strong beasts of burden. They inhabit the plains to the west. These are hardy folk, and while they live off the land readily, they aren't very up to speed with current technology or magical practices. However, they are the only of the "nobility" to use a purely elective system, and their "noble" enjoys their term for only six short years.

Cardinal Elves - the regions local breed of elf. Semi-nomadic, they inhabit the great forests to the northeast. Of note, Cardinal Elves do not carry surnames, and instead identify familial backgrounds through elegant feathers, beads, ribbons and other decorations in their hair. The closer to the nobility, the more elegant their decorations become. They are the epitome of grace, but frail and often aloof or disdainful of other races. Cardinal Elves have a pure nobility, and the line has never been broken.

Novanic Dwarves - the region's local breed of dwarf. Generally either pious or adventurous, Novanic Dwarves come in two "flavors": Sailor or Merchant. They sail the open oceans as well as the underground waters of the Underdark, and all that glitters is certainly made of gold. Because their culture depends so much on trade wealth, they're a little more charismatic than your garden variety dwarf. They inhabit the mountain ranges and underground cities far to the west, beyond the Riddanian Plains. Novanic Dwarves elect their officials. However, their term is for life and houses are barred from elections for two generations after they have served.

B.K. - Before Kylindian. This refers to a period of time before the Kylindian Humans invaded.

A.K. - After Kylindian. This refers to any period of time after the Kylindian Humans invaded.


700 B.K. - Chrono Gnomes induce catastrophic change to the Chromosian Plains. The Wastes of Chromosis appear in its place around Kariton, the Chrono Gnome city. It's been theorized by skilled Chronologists that the Plains are suffering from a disease that rapidly ages the land, causing it to decay. This disease slowly begins to spread, taking more and more of the land over time.

509 B.K. - Novanic Dwarves first settle in the mountains. They found Novaniss City and build Novaniss Castle. King Breland Rockbreaker becomes the first noble in Kylind.

437 B.K. - Riddanian Halflings found Saddlebelt, the closest thing to a capital city that they have to date.

304 B.K. - Cardinal Watchtower built. The Cardinal Elves utilize the tower as a point for trade only, and do not maintain a major city.

247 B.K. - Kariton, the Chrono Gnome capital, crumbles against what is now referred to as the "time disease." Residents scatter.

248 B.K. - New Kariton (the first) is founded just outside of the Wastes of Chromosis.

234 B.K. - New Kariton (the first) crumbles against the time disease as more land is claimed by the Wastes. This begins a new trend of the gnomes slowly moving their capital outside the wastes, and the capital crumbling a decade or so later.

98 B.K. - Novanic Dwarves carve out the Kailway Tunnel, and found Kaliway Port to quicken their trade route to the Riddannian Halflings.

42 B.K. - Arlaxian City is founded by the Chrono Gnomes on the west coast of the wastes, said to be fortified against all magic. A few short months after, the spread of the Wastes of Chromosis seems to halt.

18 B.K. - Novanic Dwarves found Bussix Bay to the north.

4 B.K. - Cardinal Elves found Port Clefis to the northeast of their forest, in order to create trade with the Novanics and Chrono Gnomes by sea. This city replaces the Cardinal Watchtower as their point of trade, and the tower is soon abandoned.

0 B.K. - The Kylindian Barbarians invade. What follows is a decade of violent bloodshed, where every race suffers. The Chrono Gnomes take a death toll their meager people already find difficulty recovering from, while the Riddanians lose much of their land and many of their people. Trade is hurt for both the Cardinal Elves and the Novanic Dwarves, as they are unable to receive bounties of food from the halflings or items of fine craft and magic from the Chrono Gnomes.

10 A.K. - Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings, and Elves stand in the Henlock Fields against Shendrack's Horde. The battle comes to a lethal standstill, and finally a deal is struck. The humans agree to claim only Henlock Fields as their own so long as they will maintain peaceful relations with the rest of Kylind. They agree, and found Henlock and several smaller villages surrounding it.

24 A.K. - Castle Henlock finishes construction. At this time, the first King of Kylind, Shendrack the Bold, is crowned. At his coronation and in an effort to show good will toward the other races, he gifts a medallion to each region's noble. This is the last time the Crown of the First King is publicly seen. At this time, the nobility of other regions "downgrade" to Lord and Lady titles (though the Halflings use the term Chancellor), and the Kylindians take over as the ruling monarchy for the land. Lady Hathrine Silverweave, the Dwarven noble to receive a medallion, passes of old age a few months later. Lord Savondal Saltbeard rises to power in her place.

37 A.K. - Former Chancellor Jeshika Tallgrass, the Riddanian noble to receive a medallion, dies unexpectedly from a mining accident. Her term ended in 30 A.K. and she was not in office at the time of her death.

52 A.K. - Selenic City, a port to the north, is founded. This city is non-partisan, and regarded by all the races as a neutral port.

94 A.K. - Lord Wicknet Pocketpatch, the Chrono Gnome to receive a medallion, passes away presumably due to old age. Lord Binxly Pocketpatch, his son, took up the mantle.

107 A.K. - Port Swix founded by Kylindian Humans. This port is approved by the Novanic Dwarves as a trade city to improve relations.

109 A.K. - Talisade Village is founded by the Riddanian Halflings, in an effort to curb aggression by the Kylindian Humans and profit off of their trade. The Novanic Dwarves see this as a hostile action, and while they do not go to war, their relations are severely damaged.

164 A.K. - Lord Ellinari, the Cardinal Elven lord who received a medallion, passes of illness in old age. His son, Lord Maldune, rises to power.

205 A.K. - King Shenris the First rises to power in Henlock. His first few actions are extremely aggressive, founding several villages on treatised land. In the coming years, these villages are attacked and razed by the various races in defiance of the sudden and disputed expansion.

208 A.K. - Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Halflings band together once more to overthrow Kylindian rule. Several nobility die during the exchanges, including Lord Eledras (Cardinal Elves), Lord Savondal Saltbeard (Novanic Dwarves), and Hathan Grainbrow (Riddanian Halfings) are among the dead. King Shenris the First and his wife, Queen Haphentine, are assassainated. Lord Binxly Pocketpatch (Chrono Gnomes) falls ill. Per procedure, the Novanic Dwarves elect their next official, Lord Lathric Ironsides.

209 A.K. - Lord Binxly Pocketpatch goes missing. Binxly did not have an heir, and the Chrono Gnomes squabble over who will lead when it is determined Binxly is not returning. Three parties are established (The Seekers, The Readers, and The Mechanists) and each puts forward a nobility to rule. When a decision cannot be made, they form a cabinet of rulers. Currently, Jamine Mistypot (Seeker), Pruit Findlehorn (Reader), and Grueger Metalweave (Mechanist) hold the cabinet seats for their respective parties.

222 A.K. - Current Riddanian Chancellor Haliford Mudwall enters office.

223 A.K. (Present Day) - Prince Shenris the Second reaches adulthood. His coronation is set for the end of the year. He holds a grand tournament to select the finest adventurers for a quest of great import, but little detail more is shared with the public...

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