Thursday, March 7, 2013

[D&D] Kylind Campaign - A Short History

It has been a hectic few weeks, let me tell you. But you don't come here to read about my (mis)adventures in unemployment. You come here (I hope) to read interesting topics on gaming. So today, we're going back to my biggest roots and talking about D&D.

Today, I want to introduce you to a campaign I'm running for a small group of friends. Ultimately, when everything is said and done, I'd like to compile, proofread, format, and send this campaign off to a publisher. If you're interested in 3.5ED D&D and looking for a new world to explore, that's what I want this to be.

At this time, I plan to have Kylind offering a map of the region, a base adventure (crafted by me, but guided by my group of clever and hilarious friends), five new races, one new base classes, and four new prestige classes. There will also be a cluster of new items, spells, and feats for you to try out. I'd like to preview a bit of it, in hopes to generate interest, and perhaps gather some feedback on what I'm doing right and what I could do better. Enjoy a short history of the region as well as short descriptions of my races. My apologies if the reading's a bit bland - history tends to read that way.