Monday, January 7, 2013

Toeing the Line

Hello friends!

If you've popped in and seen this and used to read my blog back in 2010 or earlier... Holy crap man, you probably just forgot to unsubscribe when I stopped writing. I'm deeply sorry for being gone for so long, but there were a lot of reasons I couldn't blog.
The biggest of which was that I was employed at Blizzard Entertainment starting in 2010, and writing about anything in the vein that I had suddenly became a conflict of interest where I had to watch every last critique or criticism I gave, and risk losing my job or impeding my job progress. I didn't want to have to tip toe around everything I wrote. Simply put, it wasn't worth it, and real life accommodations were getting tricky, so re-branding just wasn't at the top of my priority list.

Instead, it was just better to retreat and be quiet. Today, I no longer work there. I'm a Community Manager at a smaller gaming company, and while I won't really be talking much about what I do there, if you see my work and it draws you here, welcome. Keep in mind that the views reflected here are my own and not at all related to my employer. When you get to know me outside of the professional realm, you'll learn I'm brutally honest, and curse like a sailor. I make no apologies. Just, you know, be aware.

So what does that mean for here? It means that I have ever intention of re-purposing this blog into my writing playground. I'll write a little bit of everything here. Game reviews, game insights, maybe guides for things I'm playing... Even more though, I'll try to offer a little insight to my adventures in the industry. A lot of what I've learned is still under NDA, and mine's still got a bit of time on it. But when I get there, maybe I'll talk about my experiences in a bit more detail. Maybe not. But I'll do my best to offer up the things I've learned in a friendly, digestible, and potentially amusing manner.

I have been lazy when it comes to writing. There's no excuse, just laziness. I could blame it on a lot of things, perhaps my latent depression for which I've debated reacquiring treatment. But it really all comes back to laziness. Playing a game or spending hours on Imgur has just been so much more appealing than doing anything productive.

That's changing. You're welcome to enjoy the ride with me.

Formerly Eseten

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