Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And So It Begins...

The response I received on my short story on the General Forums was OVERWHELMING. Thank you all so much for your support and your kind words. There are about five or so more days left in the time they said they would announce winners. Wish me luck. =)

Poll time! I asked you all who your favorite CM was! And the winner is...

1. Zarhym! (16 votes, 50%)
2. Nethaera! (5 votes, 15%)
3. Bornakk! (3 votes, 9%)
3. Eyonix! (3 votes, 9%)
5. Crygil! (2 votes, 6%)
6. Mine's not listed... (2 votes, 6%)
7. Drysc/Bashiok! (1 vote, 3%)

Shenanigans, I say! I am foiled once more by my arch nemesis! Curse, you Zarhym, and your inexplicable popularity! One day and one day soon you shall have your come-uppins, and I shall be the one to deliver them unto you! /Cue Mandark Laugh

Alright, that's enough of that. A lot of people were asking me on the forums whether or not I would post more of my story. Well, here's the thing: There is no more beyond what you read last week. See, Keeves' story was meant to be a prequel. To what, you ask?

Well, that's what you'll find out today. Today, I present to you a snippet from the script I've been working on for ages. Now that people seem to have quite the interest in it, though, I may actually finish it. Truth be told, I don't know if it will work so well as a script anymore. The original intention was to write this as a spec script and submit it to Legendary Pictures, as they are still (last I heard, anyway) looking for a screenwriter for the WoW feature film. Having a project like that would be a dream come true for someone like me, so this is what I began work on. However, the more I wrote, the more the story became its own entity. I fear that what I have to write will far exceed 90 pages of script, and I don't want another epic on my hands.

So today, I'm going to show you the basic outline from just the first two shots. If people like it, I'll post more of the script next week. If people don't, then I'll move on to other things, and perhaps write another short story instead. If people like the idea but dislike the screenplay format, perhaps I'll do what I should have done in the first place, and just begin writing as if it were a novel rather than a screenplay. I know screenplays aren't nearly as interesting to read as other forms of creative writing, so this may be what happens in the end.

PLEASE! It is imperitive that you let me know your preference! I want to share my stories with people! But there's no point in sharing them if no one enjoys them.

Anyway, I've been long-winded enough. I have no title for this... Its code-title is "Kael."

(NOTE: My formatting from my word document would not copy/paste over properly, as I use CRAPTONS of macros when writing. So below is a special format I had to develop for blog purposes. Trust me; I know it's not typical screenplay format.)




NETHERSTORM is a blasted, ethereal land, teeming with arcane and shadow energy. Upon the broken fields of this magically sundered terrain, we see a BLOOD ELF in full plate scrambling for his life. He is being chased by two ARCANE PATROLLERS, and the only real identifier he is wearing is a black tabard with a red Sin’dorei symbol emblazoned on the front. The view and sounds of him panting as he flees is intermingled back and forth with the next shot.

Arcane Patroller #1

"Halt in the name of Kael’Thas!"

Arcane Patroller #2

"Surrender or be terminated!"

The ARCANE PATROLLERS spew other such nonsense as they chase the BLOOD ELF.


ZOOM IN on an image of Azeroth from space. Over time, it focuses on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms, further to the kingdom of Quel’thalas, and even more so to the City of Silvermoon in the Eversong Woods. The camera zooms through the city until it settles on a great statue of Kael’thas Sunstrider in the Sunstrider Palace. There is narration throughout.


"The Sin’dorei have suffered greatly since the Third War. The Scourge have ravaged our people more than any other. We were once children of the arcane, living in tune with the magnificent powers bestowed upon us by the Sunwell. With its destruction, we faced death, no, extinction itself. I returned from my studies to lead my people not simply to their futures, but to their very survival. But it was not enough. I left my people, my home in Quel’Thalas, for the sake of my kin. I seek power to restore us to the glory we so rightly deserve."


The visage of Kael’thas’ statue fades into the real thing – he is overseeing Tempest Keep from the helm of the great floating fortress. We see his view as the camera rotates around him – he is staring off into the Twisting Nether. He reaches up and closes his hand into a fist.


"Nothing will ever be enough."


A group of shadowy figures are watching Kael in a sort of table-like looking glass. A large heavily armored Orc, fearsome and intimidating, slams his hands down on the scrying, shaking the image away.


"He’s gone mad! First he assists Illidan, and now he’s devoted himself and is misleading his people as part of the Burning Legion! We cannot stand for this!"

A smooth, though eerily echoed voice answers him. It’s half calming and half entirely alarming. A feminine figure with her hood pulled low over her eyes answers him, her long ears providing the only clue to her identity.


"You cannot blame him for wanting to help his people. I remember a time when the Orcs were similarly misled…"


"None recall as acutely as I. We cannot let history repeat itself."

Another woman’s voice answers. She stands at the table, her shining plate armour and glowing green eyes much more obvious with her identity, and a tabard not unlike the one we saw earlier adorns her chest.


"We already know our Prince has failed us. There is little we can do but retaliate. The Sin’Dorei do not have the resources to recover from a second ravaging of our meagre forces."

A deep, calm, rumbling voice answers. It’s akin to the sound of distant rolling thunder, though not at all threatening. His bovine frame is huge and easily towers over everyone else present.


"You will not be working alone, Lady Liadrin. Your people will be assisted by the whole of the Horde, and if this plan works accordingly, perhaps the Alliance will assist us as well."

A snort and bitter laughter breaks in from Cairne’s right, and the camera turns to a pair of two-toed feet propped up on the table. The feet lower to the ground and a troll leans forward into the light, his grin showing clear scepticism.


"Da humans can’t be trusted, mon. All dey gonna do is stab you in da back. They dun it before, they do it again."


"While I share in your distaste for the Alliance, as we all do for our own reasons, I think you understand the importance of their assistance. Your favour of the situation is of no consequence."

VOL’JIN snorts at LIADRIN, but THRALL interrupts before they can openly begin arguing with one another.


"I’m not exactly thrilled about it myself. But this is greater than Horde and Alliance. And this is only the beginning."


In a much more well-lit room than the previous, six figures are surrounding a similar table, though their imagery is projected in the air, shimmering unclearly as they watch the discussion in Orgrimmar unfold. There are five different races – two Humans, a Night Elf, a Dwarf, a Gnome, and a Draenei. It is clear that one of the Humans, a pretty young female, is channeling the scrying.


"With permission from Thrall himself, I was allowed to break some of their wards to show you this discussion. Though, admittedly, the other Horde leaders do not yet know of this… covert communication."


"(Laughing) So we’re spying on them and they have no idea?! Brilliant!"


"Let this be known this is not to be taken advantage of."

JAINA abruptly ends the scrying, casting a look at each and every other member of the room, as if silently levelling with them that she’s the one in charge.


"All due respect, my Lady Proudmoore, what reason precisely do we have to get involved with the affairs of traitors and our most vicious enemies?"


"If I may answer the question… Prince Kael’Thas Sunstrider is a major threat to us all, especially with your expansion and assistance to my people in Outland. If he is not stopped, he will only grow in power and stand as a major opposition, and regardless of his allegiances, this only works in Illidan’s favour…"


"Aye, ye be havin’ a point. But I cannae see a reason ta send me strongest troops only ta have ‘em backstabbed by them untrustworthy Horde louts."


"Sending our best and brightest may only prove to hurt us in the end, should treachery take place."


"Aww, that’s an easy solution then!"

The GNOME pauses and everyone looks at him expectantly. He seems to enjoy the recognition.


"That just means we don’t send our best and brightest."

Everyone in the room looks at one another unsurely, but it’s clear most of them already have someone in mind.


"Then I ask of you, as I will ask of Thrall and his companions – each of you pick a… champion and have them leave immediately for the city of Shattrath, in Outlands. We will begin our assault there."

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Magikltrevr said...

I like it. Even in the current format, I found it easy enough to read and I can imagine the scenes quite well. Keep up the good work.